Disability Inclsuion Training

Course Details

12/02/2020 at 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM
North Inch Community Campus, Gowans Terrace, Perth
Contact Details:
Graeme Doig (graeme@pkds.org.uk)

Course Information

Scottish Disability Sport, in conjunction with Home Country Disability Organisations has developed a UK Disability Inclusion Training (UKDIT) course aimed at those interested in becoming involved in sport for people with a disability. The full day workshop includes a mix of theory and practical delivery to allow participants to positively include people with a disability in physical activity and sport.

Workshop Aims

  • Focus on ability rather than disability
  • Influence and deliver good practice
  • Communicate effectively
  • Support the inclusion of disabled people in sport
  • Where to go to for further information


  • Section 1: Perceptions and Experiences
  • Section 2: Understanding the participant
  • Section 3: Legislation
  • Section 4: Barriers and possible solutions to participation
  • Section 5: Who can help


The practical session involves putting into practice the underlying principles of STEP interaction of:

S pace

T ask

E quipment

P osition