Disability Inclusion Training

Course Details

19/03/2020 at 3:30 PM until 6:30 PM
Kingspark School, 5 Glenaffric Terrace, Dundee, DD3 8HF
Contact Details:
Graeme Doig (graeme@pkds.org,uk)

Course Information

Scottish Disability Sport, in conjunction with Home Country Disability Organisations has developed a UK Disability Inclusion Training (UKDIT) course aimed at those interested in becoming involved in sport for people with a disability. The full day workshop includes a mix of theory and practical delivery to allow participants to positively include people with a disability in physical activity and sport.

Workshop Aims
Focus on ability rather than disability
Influence and deliver good practice
Communicate effectively
Support the inclusion of disabled people in sport
Where to go to for further information


Section 1: Perceptions and Experiences
Section 2: Understanding the participant
Section 3: Legislation
Section 4: Barriers and possible solutions to participation
Section 5: Who can help

The practical session involves putting into practice the underlying principles of STEP interaction of:
S pace
T ask
E quipment
P osition

Contact Graeme@pkds.org.uk for more details