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Perth & Kinross Disability Sport Lawn Bowls Championships for Bowlers with a Visual or Physical Impairment 2022

Event Details

13/08/2022 at 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Blackford Bowling Club, Moray Street, Blackford, PH4 1QF
Contact Details:
Graeme Doig (

Event Information

Perth & Kinross Disability Sport, in partnership with Blackford Bowling Club, Bowls Scotland and Scottish Disability Sport are delighted to invite entries from across Scotland to the Perth & Kinross Disability Sport Bowls Championships. There is no cost for these Championships.

SCHEDULE: Our Championships will take place over two days. 

Saturday 13th August

  • Wheelchair Bowlers
  • Bowlers with a Physical Disability
  • Bowlers with a Visual Impairment

Sunday 14th August

  • Male Bowlers with a Learning Disability
  • Female Bowlers with a Learning Disability
  • Bowlers with Down's Syndrome

Registration will open at 9.15am and the championships will begin at 10am sharp on each day. The schedule and draw will depend on the number of entries and will be completed one week before the event.


Competitors should dress appropriately for the championships. Grey/black trousers and white top or club colours. All players must wear flat soled footwear.


Online registration is available by clicking on this link: (ctrl + click to follow link) 

Perth and Kinross Disability Lawn Bowls Championships Rules 2022           

The event will be run under the rules of the Bowls Scotland with the following amendments:

1             Introduction

The championships are organised on a multi-disability basis. The rules relating to an individual entrant's governing body will apply e.g. use of string for blind/visually impaired bowlers.

2             Eligibility

This is open to manual and powerchair users, bowlers with a learning disability, bowlers with a visual impairment/blind and bowlers with an ambulant physical disability of all ages.

3             Aids and Adaptations

3.1         All wheelchair users must play from the protective covering over the green. No wheelchairs will be allowed on the grass. Bradshaw buggies are permitted at this championship however users of these chairs must restrict themselves to the protective covering. Wheelchair users will bowl from one end only.

3.2         Visually impaired bowlers may use thin breakable white string and a caller using the clock face system. Callers must be careful not to disturb other bowlers.

3.3         Blind bowlers may receive assistance to position themselves ready to bowl. Directors may stand in front or to the side of the bowler to set him/her up. They may be told which hand to play. Markers or volunteers may communicate the state of the head to the bowler.

3.4         Players who use aids and adaptations (e.g. sticks) should restrict their movements to protected areas.  Bowlers using sticks and crutches may not follow bowls towards the jack and risk damaging the playing surface. An exception applies when sticks are covered with wide protective covers.

4             Competition Format

Each section of the competition will be organised on an initial round robin then knockout basis. Each tie will be played for the lesser of 21 shots or a time limit of 30 minutes.

All matches will play to the conclusion of the end after the 30 minute time limit.

The round robin matches will determine who plays the knockout or medal match stage.

Please note: Sections may be combined depending on number of entries.

5             Officials

  1. a) Jury of Appeal - Three representatives from Blackford Bowling Club shall be appointed to act as a jury of appeal to deal with any disputes concerning eligibility to compete, use of aids and adaptations, and all other matters related to the disability aspect of the championships.
  2. b) Umpires - An appropriate umpire shall be appointed by Blackford Bowling Club to perform the duties as laid down in the rules of the Scottish Bowling Association (SBA).
  3. c) Markers - Markers shall be competent playing members of clubs affiliated to the SBA. In the event of an insufficiency of such markers, other persons experienced in bowling competitions may be appointed to act.

6             Equipment

Competitors must use outdoor bowls. It is the responsibility of bowlers or escorts to ensure that the correct equipment is used for the start of a tie. Players are asked to turn out appropriately dressed. Correct footwear (without heel) is essential.